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    We are very proud of our team. All our staff excel at their jobs, love what they do and have energy and enthusiasm that lets them deliver the best events and activities possible.

About Us

Its been an exciting journey and we would love to tell you more about it…

At SSG we have been working to provide opportunity, inspire futures and empower participation since our birth in 2003, from our base in Bedford we now work with children, young people and adults in a wide ranging spectrum of Education, Training, Activities and Experiences nationally.

Originating from a passion of sports and activity coaching we have journeyed into new markets and moved to diversify our delivery and specialisms, however we have remained true to our core values of applying a passion for people to ensure the positive and inspiring nature of our delivery.

Our extensive customer base includes families, schools, businesses, local authorities and governmental departments and we are proud to be continually expanding this list. We welcome contact from new customers and provide free of charge needs analysis consultation sessions on request.

We have welcomed external moderation and inspection in all areas of our provision and have gained approval and backing from a wide range of agencies including OFSTED, BTEC, SPORTS LEADERS UK, BAPA, ADVENTURE MARK and LOtC to name but a few and are proud of our record in pursuing external gradings and inspections to ensure we are constantly evolving, improving and leading the way in innovative programme design and delivery.

At the heart of our organisation is our ever expanding and wonderful staffing team, we invest heavily in identifying talented, motivated individuals who strive to work with and inspire others to achieve. Our extensive CPD package includes internal and external accreditation led by a team of experienced and knowledgeable department experts.

We remain committed to expanding our portfolio of activities, equipment and skill sets to further develop innovative and dynamic delivery methods.

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About SSG

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