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    Our highly experienced tutor team have over 40 years’ experience of working within schools and can apply this experience and knowledge within our training provision.
  • Challenge Event Days
    We are able to deliver our training packages as open programmes for individual school staff to access on set dates but are also able to provide closed training packages for cohorts of staff on site at your school.
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Team Building Challenge Days

SSG provide a highly effective team building challenge day with tailored elements to ensure each and every experience we offer is fit for purpose for the group.


Work can be a stressful and one dimensional experience and as such demotivation, low morale and poor interpersonal relationships are often the cause of a slowdown in productivity and efficiency. So sometimes it is just great to get your staff/team out of the office to do something practical, exciting and energetic to blow off the cobwebs and re-energise!

Our challenge days are specifically designed to ensure that they are people focused in every way possible. We provide your organisation/group with the ownership over the day by allowing you to select specific activities to build up your challenge day, the activities can be selected to best meet the demographic of your group!

The MATRIX day is constructed in two distinct halves that build towards a climax and excitement that ensures all of your team leave feeling energised, motivated and excitied to have shared a common experience.

The morning sessions see teams working round 4 team challenges of your choosing with the aim of achieving them in the quickest or most effective way possible and earning the most amount of TIME TOKENS available to them (think the Crystal Maze!).

The time tokens are vital as in the afternoon these provide the leading team with a time advantage in the race through the MATRIX Board. The board sees teams move their piece up a giant playing board by completing micro challenges, each challenge needs to be found on the map, run to and completed. Each challenge is worth a varying number of moves depending on its difficulty. As teams progress they gain opportunities to sabotage or delay other teams as the race escalates in excitement towards the finish!

We are able to deliver these fantastic challenge days at a number of our associate venues across Bedfordshire and can provide superb options around refreshments and meals to accompany your challenge day and ensure there is time around activity to further develop relationships.

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What Do Our Customers Think?

Team Building:

Our MATRIX team building challenge days have proved a real hit with businesses and organisations all over the south east and we have been extremely fortunate to have worked with so many fantastic companies and individuals – our job is super fun!!