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    At SSG we provide an end to end solution for team development training to ensure the smooth delivery of your team development programme
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    We are able to offer both a 1 and 2 day package of development training for groups and can host the training at one of our associate venues

Team & Staff Development Training

Developing a strong and robust workforce is a never ending process and it is vital that staff are consistently able to develop relationships and confidences within their own abilities to ensure that they remain motivated, engaged and efficient within their roles as well as being able to react to developments and progressions within the workplace.

Unfortunately with the pace of modern work life staff development and training are often the things that fall to the bottom of the to-do list; that is until it is too late and something or someone goes wrong!

At SSG we provide an end to end solution for team development training to ensure that the organisation and delivery of your team development programme are smooth, focused and drive towards the outcomes that you as an employer want to meet.

We are able to offer both a 1 and 2 day package of development training for groups and can host the training at one of our associate venues to include refreshments and meals or can deliver the training within your own environment if this is preferred (note a pre programme venue inspection will be required).

We can also provide your group a choice of activity type as we can tailor the programme to incorporate outdoor team development activities or use indoor development activities, again this can be dictated by you to best suit the makeup of your group. We can also combine both of these styles with the 2 day programmes.

Our development programmes are tailored to your own specific outcome requirements and ahead of any programme completion a member of our team will meet with key personnel at your organisation to ensure your outcomes are fully understood. Outcomes and focus areas can include in:

  • Leadership
  • Communication
  • Self-awareness
  • Productivity

We will take your desired outcomes and combine them with the preferred style of activity to provide you with a tailored package of outcome focused activities and training to ensure that your organisation maximises the output from the training and that your staff leave not only with a clear development in the specified area but also having had a really enjoyable and rewarding experience with us.

Enhance your Experience and Outcomes Further:

We are able to incorporate and utilise two specialist team development theories of learning to provide deeper knowledge and understanding to participants. The SDI and POP’s concepts as described in more detail below can be specifically tailored into development programmes to provide participants an ongoing reference point and tool set in order to apply their understanding and ensure a longer lasting positive effect on performance, relationships and output is attained.

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Strength Deployment Inventory (SDI)

The SDI is a powerful, self-discovery inventory for enhancing your ability to transform your workplace, your relationships and Tri2013your life. SDI assists people to appreciate diversity, communicate more effectively and handle conflict more productively.

Unlike other personality assessments, the SDI goes beyond behaviour to identify the motivation behind behaviour — answering “why” individuals act the way they do.

It becomes easier to accept another person’s actions when you understand their motives, intention and then their behaviour.

Plus, by revealing response to conflict, the SDI is actually two valuable assessments in one.

The Portrait of Personal Strengths (POPs)

The Portrait of Personal Strengths is a practical learning resource that compliments and extends SDI insights. It is completed by sorting and prioritising 28 strengths/behaviour traits that you use when relating to others.

Used in conjunction with SDI, it quickly helps people to understand the strengths they most and least frequently use when relating with others, giving essential insights into development opportunities for individuals and other areas such as team norms, culture and strength gaps.

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Team & Staff Development

SSG have provided a wide range of team development training for corporate groups, local authority departments and school groups. Each programme that is delivered provides a different challenge and group make up which is why this type of delivery is so specialist.